Restaldi Pool / Italian pool game - narrow pockets / Capri


Elegant antique-style, billiard for the Italian Game, Five Pins or Boccette, as well as for the International Game without pockets: refurbished by RESTALDI.

  • 6 legs "truncated as inverted cones" in solid Tulipier hand finished. Walnut Tulipier veneer sides revived by polychromatic characteristics of the wood.
  • Custom veneer with exaltation of the natural grain and tone of the wood used. (Line Custom-customized pool table).
  • Decorative masks with leaf motives used to collect balls, in burnished or polished brass.
  • Classic battered sides". Slate plan technically maintained and guaranteed.
  • First quality cloth of the best brands available in an ample selection of colours.
Absolute grip of billiard balls
Tightness of screws
Stroke silence


Playing field size:

A: cm. 260x130;
B: cm. 270x135;
C: cm. 280x140;

Room size:

A: cm. 540x410;
B: cm. 550x415;
C: cm. 560x420;


From 780 to Kg. 950 approximately


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