The Game of Billiards

The Game of Pool

Rectangular base built from two regular squares, coated by a soft and unmistakable green cloth. Hedges, balls, cues, chalks, ninepins... Paths, crossings, angle all to hypnotize you in the incredible variety of unpredictable shots...

The Pool, is a game caught between sin and charm, it attracts always more and more enthusiasts. It is a very complex game of ancient origins. Today the pool is also a sport discipline in any sense counting on international tournaments in world championships for any specialty.

We can count on many varieties of pools: big and small, whit and without holes. On every pool, you can play different disciplines. Some like to use skittles or ninepins... on others you can simply use only your hands. Its main tool is undoubtedly the cue, used to strike the balls after having been properly chalked and all goes on together with the triangle, the glove, the compass and the pin...

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