The pool is our passion for more than two centuries


A passion and a unique dedication to a legendary object: the pool is tradition, luxury, entertainment, pleasure . The history of Italian billiards is also the story of the Restaldi's family.

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biliardi restaldi


Fun and aggregation, style and elegance, solidity. With Restaldi the pool back to his true vocation: to express character and personality of its owner. For those who does not follow trends but that its trend.

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biliardi restaldi
biliardi restaldi


The passion and the desire to pool attracts more and more followers... In what ways and forms do you express it? Let us see them, write them, share them within a community of real experts: ours.

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You know everything about billiards and the many facets of the game? Billiards wide hole, without hole... Italian style, snooker... Discover everything you need to know to buy the pool best suited for you.

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biliardi restaldi


A pool is also style and design to define an environment, in a glance that makes it, in the game and relaxation that invites. Distinguished piece that is at ease at home or in the company, which combines classic and modern, establishing an identity in class and taste.

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