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Gambling chips

Accessori – Fiches da Gioco



The tokens that are used to count the credit in sobstitution of real money are called Fiches for Chips.They are used in many card games, and they are usually associated to the game of PokerThe word Fiches is american and is more used than Chips., that comes from England

In the half of 9th century the game of Poker bacame more popular. On those times people were playing using real money: to take part at the green table you had to show a bulk of money, or gold or any other object that had an high value,

Among the end of 19th century, made theyr first apparence on the casinò tables the tokens, to sobstitute the real money. At the beginning they were wooden or ivory, completley decored by hand. The problem was that was very easy to make fake ones, and to make more unique token, they started to be made with clay and other materials like plastic, the ceramicwith metal inserts.

In this way born the Fiches. Every casinò started to forge his own, each with unique caracteristics, starting in this way to create new categories: the Fiches 100% Real Clay used in the most american casinòthe Fiches in Ceramicthe Fiches/chips in Madreperlathe Fiches/chips in Plastica ABS easy to use, Fiches/chips Clay or the reply Casinò Royalethe Placche and the awesome Cashbricks.

Most of them are rounded, with different sizes and color, each rappresenting a different cash value. Generally they start from 5 dollars but they exist even on smaller values.

They are used even in the professional poker, where are used to place bets at the green table. Real money are still used, but are used to pay the subscription (the buy-inand for the delivery of final prices, when all the players are eliminated and the winner have won all the fiches on the table.

When we speak about Fiches of high quality we are speaking about the Paulson and the ValentinoThey are made with high value materials, the ceramic, and are used in the poker tournaments even the international ones. How can you identify an high value fiche? From the weight, from the color and from the sound that i makes. They don't have to weight more than 14 grams and the material have to be smooth but porous. Yes, a good fiches have to make a good sound when you throw it on the table.

The Paulson are fiches made in Real Clay and are used by many professionist. Real Clay means that the main material is the clay, but inside there are others materials to make it tought. With the fiches in Real Clay you can build an half meter tall tower.

The ceramic fiches have a better graphics. They are the preferred from many professionist even if they are lighter (12 grammi).

No matter what you will choose, the important thing is that you'll seat to the green table with the fiches kit and the accessori per fiches.

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