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The table soccer, the table tennis, l’air hockey... all of these are games are the indoor version of some sports that are practiced outdoor and know you can easly play them in your living room an the green table. But where they born?


Like for most of the game tables that made the history, is very tought to know the origins of the table soccer for table soccer . We have different sources of any kind. According to the main theory, the table soccer was created between the two world wars by a German man, Broto Watcher, because he wanted to bring the table soccer on a table. In the 1922, the English Harold Sea Thorton was the first to register a patent for a "mechanism that let you play soccer on a table". According to many this is the main reason becaus the english word, Foosball, is so close to the german one, fußball.

L’idea prende forma nei bar e club nei quali si riunivano per festeggiare le vittorie o a bere sulle sconfitte delle numerose squadre di calcio locali. Così il primo prototipo di calciobalilla o biliardino da tavolo è presto costruito e la sua diffusione è talmente rapida che in breve praticamente ogni club si trova ad avere il proprio kicker.

If it is impossible to determine the original inventor, we clearly know that the first table soccer was built in Italy in the 1937 from an artisan in Poggibonsi. At the end of the Second World War,the first table soccer tables where used in the rehabilitation centers for the ex soldiers. From here it may comes the use of his second name "calcio balilla".

The game tables of table soccer like we know them became to be crafted in series in the 1947 in France, and here they became very famous and being exported all over the world. In italy this company found the best woods to build the tables with. This game arrived oversea after the 1950, when american soldiers come back to USA, and from there the table soccer become a true sport with it's own federation.


This olympionic discipline it is called table tennis for one reason! The table tennis, like the poolis born in the high society, probably in England at the end of the 9th century. In the 1900 it was registered with the name of table tennis from the company J. Jacques & Son and become trendy. In those years arrived even in other countries like Korea, Cine and Japan, some of the best table tennis athletes in the world. The table, 2,74 meters x 1,52, is high 0,76 m. The net is high 15,25 centimeters. The racket is covered with 2 layers of rubber. The ball have a diameter of 38 millimeters with a 2,5 grams weight.

Playing to table tennis is, for fans, like "playing chess while running the 100m". Concentration and speed of movements. An exciting mix.


Even called Table Hockey, this is a sport with 2 players, one against the other, and they have to score on the opposite goal with the help of accessories air hockey like discs and pushers (the air hockey stick). To play you need: a table for air hockey, two plates (one for player) and a disc. The United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) is the organization that since 1978 establish the rules of the game and the suitable tables types, discs and other accessories. Thanks to the air that comes out, from wich the terminology "Air", the disc fly on the table and the gameplay is very fast.

Between all the game tables is worth to mention the "green cloth" used to play to different kind of games: from Poker with Black Jack, to every kind of table game that requires the cards to play with. It is even a wonderfull decor for your house that will let you entartain all your guests.

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