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Pool Table Atlanta Inox

Biliardi gioco Americana (pool) – buche larghe – Atlanta Inox

Modern style billiard made in italy from Restaldi

Atlanta Pool Table

Pool Table made in steel crafted by Restaldi

Atlanta Inox 01

Pool table for american game made by Restaldi

Atlanta Inox 02

Pool Table with wide pockets

Atlanta Inox 03

Pool Table Restaldi made in Inox

Atlanta Inox 04

Modern look pool table Restaldi

Atlanta Inox 05

Billiard Restaldi new design

Atlanta Inox 06

Black pool table with black cloth made by Restaldi


New pool table made by Restaldi

Atlanta Inox 07

Stylish pool table made in italy by Restaldi

Atlanta Inox 08

Pool Table made by Restaldi

Atlanta Inox 09

Billiard for open space house made by Restaldi

Atlanta Inox 10


One of the most modern material, forged by the hands of famous designers: the results are special billiards with a unique design and brightness; who choose a steel pool like Atlanta Inox to decorate his own house, will make a smart choice: a choice that put togheter style and functionality. A lot of advantages that make this kind of material one of the most famous: Atlanta Inox made with steel is light and durable, strong and versatile: give him the leading role of your interior design, and he will light up the rest of furnitures and room decorations. Atlanta Inox by Restaldi is crafted for American Pool Game, but can be made even in the version without pockets or with narrow pockets.

  • Base made up of a massive load-bearing frame in pitch-pine (American red pine) dried and stabilized with two solid wood elements finished in stainless steel with an important thickness
  • Handrails in solid wood for the sides made of precious exotic wood species that can be customized in any color
  • The Atlanta Inox holes are in leather finished with elegance
  • Mm.25 slate game plan, rectified to the hundredth_ unique in the world!
  • Competition corner boards.
  • Cloth of first quality of the best brands available in any colour.

Everything except cold in short: the Restaldi steel billiards make strong lines their strong point, for a cool and elegant design: for a modern open-air space or for those who love to play everywhere with the light that will be reverberated, broken and dispersed in the environment from Atlanta Inox inexhaustible source of beauty and surprise.



A: cm. 180×90;
B: cm. 198×99;
C: cm. 224×112;
D: cm. 254×127;


A: cm. 424×334;
B: cm. 442×343;
C: cm. 504×392;
D: cm. 534×407;


From about Kg. 290 a Kg. 625


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