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Pool Table Pleasure

Biliardi gioco Internazionale – senza buche – Pleasure

Billiard in style Luigi XVI crafted by Restaldi

Pleasure 01

International Pool Table with different sizes made by Restaldi

Pleasure 02

Pool table with red american pine crafted by Restaldi

Pleasure 03


Billiards in Louis XVI style, created and enriched with original design by RESTALDI, for the international game without pockets, it can also be realized in all dimensions under request.

  • Base made in solid pitch-pine-arc supporting frame (American red pine) dried, elastic and stabilized by 6 onions shaped legs with vertical grooves in solid wood finely finished and rounded.
  • Cushion handrail in solid English mahogany, decorated with lozenges or diamond shaped. Varnishing to be selected with exaltation of the grain and shade of the wood used; Restaldi suggests patient pad polishing following traditional methods. Like all models Restaldi for furniture, this Billiard is completely customizable, and it is possible to select and reproduceit in any wood colour selected form a sample.
  • Varnishing with exaltation of the grain and shade of the wood used; Restaldi suggests patient polishing ancient like faithfully following traditional methods of the time.
  • Rectified slate plan (3) 50 Mm supplied with a thermic control unit.
  • Sides according to FIBIS regulations.
  • First quality cloth of the best brands in any colour (Restaldi suggests plum or the recent acquired old rose).
  • Considering the peculiar shape of the inferior part of the piece, this billiard is especially suitable to be transformed into a very elegant dining table with a dining surface to be designed, on a plan of four or five elements: the lack of external decoration elements reinforces a “SURPRISE EFFECT”.


A: cm. 224×112; (with 4 legs)

B: cm. 284×142; (tournament size)


A: cm. 514×402;

B: cm. 574×432;


from Kg. 400 to Kg. 950 ca.


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