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Pool Table N.14 Grand'Italia

Biliardi gioco Italiana – buche strette – N.14 Grand’Italia

Pool table realized at the beginning of this century made from Restaldi


Billiard made with american red pine tree, realized from Restaldi


Billiard legs realizzed in solid wood with a 20th century style


Corrimano del biliardo fatto in mogano, toulipier o padouk realizzato da Restaldi


Biliardo ispirato a biliardi antichi realizzato da Restaldi



Pool Table in Liberty style from the beginning of 20th century, taken from the ancient and famous catalogue from Ottorino Restaldi. Classic billiard artfully made, it's name comes from the fact that in the 1926 was bought from Benito Mussolini. It is possible to realize it both for the Italian game version (see photo), Boccette, as well as for the International game without pockets.

  • Base built with solid pitc-pine (american red pine) dryed and stabilized with six legs in solid wood, simple and linear, in full style from the beginnins of the 20th century, with their lower ends enclosed with brass caps and the upper part with hand-made wooden inlays.
  • Sides made in solid toulipier wood, mahogany or padouk (that we suggest to use because it is identical to the original) e sides decorated with 24 wooden friezes, with hand made inlays realized by our artigians. Lower frame with a traditional pattern. UNIQUE ON ITALIAN MARKET.
  • Veneer on your choice, exalting grains and tones of used woods; Restaldi suggests patient polishing ancientlike faithfully following traditional methods from the past.
  • Decorative masks for the pockets, hand made with bronze
  • Adjusted slate game plane, with a thickness of mm. 45 arranged to insert electric heaters for heating through computerized control units.
  • Tubular pressure banks (our patent), or regular ones.
  • Top-quality cloth by the best brands and in any color (Restaldi suggests ancient green or Burgundy), applied on the hedges and pulled on the plane manually.


A: cm. 260×130; (available even the original)
B: cm. 270×135; (available even the original)
C: cm. 280×140;

A: cm. 540×410;
B: cm. 550×415;
C: cm. 560×420;

From about Kg. 850 to Kg. 1050


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