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Pool Table Quirinale

Biliardi gioco Italiana – buche strette – Quirinale

Pool Table end of 19th century

Quirinale 01

Pool table cue rack in style 19th century

Quirinale 02

Pool Table pockets handmade with lion head

Quirinale 03

Billiard legs made in solid wood decorated by hand

Quirinale 04

Pool table pocket in 19th century style

Quirinale 05


End of 18th century style billiard, realized and enriched according to original designs and models Restaldi from the end of 19th century..

  • Available in versions for the Italian game, for cue balls, as well as for the international game without pockets or english Snooker and russian pyramid.
  • Base made from solid supporting frame in pitch-pine (American red pine), dried and stabilized by 6 legs in solid wood, lathed and finished by hand.
  • Cushion handrail in mahogany and walnut wood, separated by 2 couples of thin inlaid strings of black ebony and maple-tree: artfully finished by our master cabinet-makers
  • Veneer on your choice, exalting grains and tones of used woods; Restaldi suggests patient polishing ancientlike faithfully following traditional methods from the past.
  • Decorative masks, with the motif " lion's head ", to recover balls, in cast bronze crafted with burin by hand.
  • Straightened slate playing surface, is Mm.45 thick prepared for the insertion of the eletrical resistance for heating.
  • Pressure tubular cushions, our patent.
  • Top quality cloth from best brands and in all colours(Restaldi suggests antique green or bordeaux)
  • Optional termico system


A: cm. 260×130;
B: cm. 270×135;
C: cm. 280×140;


A: cm. 540×410;
B: cm. 550×415;
C: cm. 560×420;


From about Kg. 870 to Kg. 1070


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