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Pool Table Luigi XIV Italiana

Biliardi tavolo – Luigi XIV (italiana)

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 00

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 00

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 01

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 01

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 02

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 02

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 03

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 03

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 04

Luigi XIV (Italiana) 04


UNIQUE BILLIARD-TABLE ON THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET WHICH HAS THE COVER ON BORDERS AND AT THE SAME TIME A PRESSURE TUBULAR CUSHION, to permit in that way to play regularly and with precision, the Italian game and the game for cue balls.

  • Classical and elegant piece of furniture, entirely made in solid wood of mahagony, walnut or toulipier, artfully finished by our master cabinet-makers.
  • Supporting frame in pitch-pine(American red pine, highly resinous and elastic).
  • Base made from 6 or 4 legs, in solid mahogany, walnut or toulipier wood, onion shaped, Luigi XIV style with classical vertical grooves.
  • Silent track system for ball recovery through 2 central foldaway drawers.
    This unique characteristic will make you do the "WOW" that discover the true essence of this table.
    trasparire in alcun modo l’esistenza del biliardo.
  • Polishing of choice (even on sample), with exaltation of the veining and shades of the wood used (Custom line - customizable billiards).
  • Slate game plan with a thickness of mm. 30.
  • Tubular pressure sides, as per regulation.
  • Top-quality cloth, by the best brands.
  • Cover of two or more interlocking sliding elements.

In order to be inserted in the most appropriate and elegant way possible, all the Restaldi furnishing table billiards can be entirely personalized, choosing, without limits, also the color and finish of the piece of furniture.



A: cm. 200×100;
B: cm. 220×110;
C: cm. 240×120;
D: cm. 260×130; (6 gambe)


A: cm. 444×344;
B: cm. 500×390;
C: cm. 520×400;
D: cm. 540×410;


From about Kg. 340 to Kg. 680

Pool table closed with the cover

A: cm. 241,5×140;
B: cm. 261,5×150;
C: cm. 281,5×160;
D: cm. 301,5×170;

Height of the game plan

cm. 78;


cm. 82,5;


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