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Historical Used Billiards Mod. GRN - Italian

Second Hand Italian Game Billiard – Mod. GRN

restaldi grn 05

restaldi grn 05

restaldi grn 01

restaldi grn 01

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restaldi grn 03

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restaldi grn 02

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restaldi grn 04

Historic billiards used in good condition, suitable for taverns and hobby rooms to play and have fun with friends, designed with criteria that perfectly fulfill the required performance. It has a sober and squared structure, made with solid walnut essence, consisting of a main body and strong supports.

  • Second hand regulation billiards for Italian game with six narrow holes and drum bank, suitable for the game of Pool 8 e15, Boccetta and Goriziana.
  • Special deal in solid wood with six bases for maximum stability
  • Billiard frame seasoned
  • Pool table in walnut essence and opaque finishing
  • Brass billiard hole as a baseboard of the paws.
  • Billiards cloth in excellent condition English green color, replaceable with any other color (Restaldi recommends Bordeaux).
  • Table top in slate with a thickness of 40mm
  • Second hand billiard like new and ready to play

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taxes excluded


Cm. 260×130

Total size:

Cm. 297×166


Cm. 540×410


Kg.800 approx



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