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Artusi Zoli Pool Table Narrow Pockets

Biliardo Usato – Artusi Zoli

biliardo artusi 5

biliardo artusi 5

biliardo artusi 2

biliardo artusi 2

biliardo artusi 4

biliardo artusi 4

biliardo artusi3

biliardo artusi3

biliardo artusi 1

biliardo artusi 1

stecchiera a parete

stecchiera a parete

The right billiard table if you're looking for a cheap billiard table with narrow holes, robust and 50/60s flavor. Ready to use, with the characteristic shapes of a bar but often inserted in environments, houses, garages, lofts in industrial grunge style where the new mixes with the old.

  • Used Standard Match standard size billiards with six narrow holes to play Goriziana, Americana and Boccette.
  • Billiards "real" 100% made in Italy, completely covered in indestructible shockproof formica laminate.
  • Ultra seasoned wood
  • Six holes collecting chromium-plated balls and characteristic large angles with engraved mark of historical company forlivese.
  • Billiards cloth used classic green color (you can change color; for idea of available colors see  )
  • Italian slate game board thickness Mm.40
  • Second-hand billiards but in excellent condition and ready to be placed in any private or public space.
  • Due to its low price, the model for sale has been produced and sold in numerous examples over several decades.

Are included in the price the following game accessories:

  • 1 Wall Mounted Cueboard with Drawer
  • 1 Stick
  • 4 Cues
  • 1 Plastic 50 Pt.
  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Set Bilie Pool Mm. 57.2
  • 1 Plastic Triangle White
  • 1 Set of 59 + 2 Skittles Set


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taxes excluded


Cm. 260×130

Total size:

Cm. 294×166


Cm. 540×410


Kg.780 circa



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