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Used Mari Billiards Mod.24 Mondial Without Pockets

Biliardo Mari usato senza buche – Mod. 24 Mondial

Mari 24 1

Mari 24 1

Mari 24 2

Mari 24 2

Mari 24 4

Mari 24 4

Mari 24 3

Mari 24 3

Mari 24 5

Mari 24 5

Second hand pool table for International Game without pockets. Is uses the unique looking style from Mari, that means technic perfection.

  • The technical construction solution adopted for this billiard table used "by Internazionale" without holes with competition regulation measures, goes hand in hand with the aesthetic one and contributes to make harmonious the architectural physiognomy of an object in which beauty and robustness are combined with high technology.
  • Used professional billiard table without holes (international bank Mm.67 wide and ball batting point Mm.37,5).
  • Second-hand billiard table built with rosewood and mahogany overlay, side panels and legs in walnut briar and pink ebony with rosewood trimmings.
  • Built with lamellar structure and mahogany chassis.
  • Classic green second hand cloth in good condition (can be changed with other colors)
  • Heated playing surface with heating element inside the Italian slate board from Mm.50, regulated by thermostat.
  • Second-hand billiards but in perfect condition and ready to be inserted in any public or private living space, helping to give a tone of elegance to the environment itself.


There is a rich selection of materials that create a beautifull chromatic effect thanks to the positions of every essence

You can see this pool table in our showroom on Via Salaria in Rome, you will find many other models to choose from.
You can visit the biggest Italian pool table showroom ( or ask for more photos of the models you like the most from our staff.

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Total size:


Kg.1000 ca;



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