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Billiard Table Restaldi Used Mod. Scala Reale

Biliardo Usato – Scala Reale

biliardo 3 lato lungo

biliardo 3 lato lungo

biliardo 3 dett 1

biliardo 3 dett 1

biliardo 3 coperture

biliardo 3 coperture

biliardo 3 tre quarti

biliardo 3 tre quarti

biliardo 3 mezza copertura

biliardo 3 mezza copertura

biliardo 3 lato corto

biliardo 3 lato corto

There are shapes that express something beautiful. Billiard table convertible into a dining table, original and patented Restaldi model with comfortable seating for twelve people. Billiard table with high bank and narrow hole (rare occasion).

  • Billiard table used maple color with six narrow holes for Italian game, Boccetta and Pool 8/15
  • Restaldi's patented tubular pressure rails (not to be confused with those used by other manufacturers on their lower level products)
  • Bases with characteristic stepped movement towards the inside, taken up by the splendid bands
  • Billiard table with top of game in Italian slate with thickness of Mm.30
  • Concealed system of the balls posted thanks to the side openings that obviously do not affect the external beauty of the table furniture.
  • On the billiard table used is currently mounted cloth of excellent quality, classic green color (if you want to change color, please choose the one that best suits your environment among the many available https://www.biliardi.com/en/contact/ )
  • Cover plate for transformation into a dining table in two custom-made interlocking elements. The billiard table disappears perfectly

The following SECOND HAND game accessories are already included in the price:

  • 1 Stylish wall stick upholstered with green cloth (see photo gallery)
  • 2 Pool Cues 8/15 and 2 Reduced Cues
  • 1 American game ball set 8/15 brand Aramith Standard diam. Mm.57,2
  • 1 Ball box for Italian game Mm.61,5 with pins Mm.18
  • 1 Box marbles for game Bowl Mm.59 with pins Mm.15
  • 2 triangles (wood and plastic)
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 Restaldi Blanket

For more game accessories see our e-commerce site www.giochi.restaldi.com

Biliardi Restaldi in the only big location on Via Salaria, offers the maximum choice and the most advantageous opportunities with many second-hand billiards available both to be restored and ready for delivery. Visit the largest exhibition of billiards in Italy (best route click on https://goo.gl/maps/fbLfCAUMcax You can ask many other pictures for the pool table that you like, just feel free to contact our staff or came to visit us in our showroom (the biggest in italy).


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