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Used Billiards in Classic Style Mod. Palazzo

Biliardi usati – Biliardo Antico – Mod. Palazzo

T3_0002_T3 fronte

T3_0002_T3 fronte

T3_0000_T3 trequarti

T3_0000_T3 trequarti

T3_0004_T3 Dettaglio1

T3_0004_T3 Dettaglio1

T3_0001_T3 profilo

T3_0001_T3 profilo

T3_0003_T3 Dettaglio2

T3_0003_T3 Dettaglio2

Original antique billiard in classic style, from the first years of 900 from the famous brand Bertello. Antique pool table suitable for any fancy and luxury environment

  • Original antique used billiards for Italian game with six narrow holes and drum bank.
  • Second-hand billiards finely decorated with friezes and brass holes shaped with rationalist motifs.
  • Billiards with cabinet completely made of walnut and equipped with special legs smaller than the most common contemporary models fixed to the special "bathtub" shaped frame: this results in a slimmer, more pleasant and "light" cabinet line.
  • The pool table cloth is green but can be changed with any other color of your choice
  • Playing surface in Italian slate thickness Mm.30.
  • Used second-hand billiards in excellent condition and ready to use.
  • Pool 8/15 billiards for game Pool 8/15, Hand bottle and Goriziana with 5 and 9 pins.


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taxes excluded


Cm. 260×130

Total size:

Cm. 296×165


Cm. 540×410


Kg.620 approx



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