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Discover the details that make Restaldi a unique reality!

Here are some good and very valid reasons to choose us and our pool tables:

  • Absolute competence of the product, guarantee of quality and recognized "secular" experience. Since 1763, we are "the" pool table. We are the oldest billiard factory in Europe. Although we are projected into the future, we say it proudly, we are a company of 19th century mentality and space with an enlightening, exciting, flattering and envied history. Being producers/builders and sellers/distributors of billiards for almost 300 years conveys to the customer the security and guarantee of being in the right place at the right time and avoiding fraud, theft or unpleasant episodes that unfortunately, in our sector, are always to be reckoned with and around the corner.
  • Reception, attention and education unparalleled, seriousness and spasmodic care of the customer and its needs, down to the smallest detail. We offer technical living solutions almost by custom furniture makers to meet every need related to billiards and at the same time ensure the continuity of life in common.
  • Ability to satisfy 100% of any kind of need in the world of billiards and its surroundingsNot only the ability to listen to the needs but above all the ability to search for solutions. We always find the right solution for each customer (who often does not even know what it is) responding to the best needs of product, price, customization - even the most absurd - measures / space, colors / taste, aesthetic needs, technical, furniture and often effectively resolving personal problems and couple (between a husband who dreams and wants a green table at home to have fun and look good with friends and a wife who tolerates and demands only a decoration table ;-)).
  • Reliability at the highest level in order to reassure and allow the customer to sleep soundly. We take care of everything in the best possible way: from the choice of logs to the in-house assembly service anywhere in the world with in-house staff.
  • Trained, professional, qualified and internally managed staff, which when operating in the client's home receives constant praise leaving it cleaner than when it enters the home.
  • Punctuality in deliveries, even at a distance of 800 km, Thanks to an impeccable logistical organization of the movements.
  • Excellent quality/price ratio, price transparency (shown with display on each billiard table) and excellent after sales service (where, in the case of even prestigious brands, it is even non-existent).
  • Monstrous variety of choice with a hundred models of new billiard tables to choose from your own (and possibility to build more, of any type/model and size/size and also of other brands).
  • The city of billiards: the largest exhibition of billiards in the world (almost 100 billiards on display in our showroom in a structure of 10,000 m2), mounted in the company to be admired and touched by hand by all those who decide to visit us. We have a real headquarters, not a basement, a garage or a simple apartment like many others. For us, each billiard table is not equivalent to another, but is absolutely unique and with its own identity. We sell real billiards of different models and sizes and not renderings of billiards (often the same models repeated several times, simply drawn with different colors and placed in different environments)!
  • Real company organization, with 10 operative people to adequately cover a very wide range of activities from production and sale of new billiards, professional and semi-professional, classic, rustics, modern and design (for every type of game, every size and every model) to that of table billiards (convertible into dining tables, whose dual use often allows to avoid divorces) and used billiards, from the sale of antique pools (or antique style) originals and antiques to that of all the billiard accessories (2000 products including cues, balls, chandeliers, sticks, etc.) and of the 15 different types of chalk, from the production on the lathe of a single leg to the assembly/disassembly and transport/removal in all Italy of billiards both ours and others, from the cloth change with replacement at fine-tuning of the sides and levelling of the playing surface with centesimal adjustment of the slate plane, from the account services and estimation to those of restoration and repair. We are not 1 or 2 "desperate" people (as is often the case with other brands) who simply deal with billiards by taking them apart from the game rooms and bringing them into the homes of customers as they are!
  • Secure, well-maintained and user-friendly online billiards site so as to facilitate access to the subject and allow to enter the world of billiards even to those who know nothing or almost nothing about it. Not a site of private sales or private pretenses without any guarantee for the user and where often you do not know who is behind.
  • We speak Italian and have an above average level of culture di chi opera nel settore. In communicating with the client, both in speaking and writing, and especially in the initial phase, we pay great attention to the formal and professional aspect. This is to put the user in the condition to understand that he/she has come into contact with a company and an environment of a certain level to which, we hope, the client himself/herself will immediately want to adapt. When we consider it appropriate (or even necessary) we do not disdain a more informal and familiar approach.

You already have 12 reasons for contact us and choose your billiards with us. Browse our new and used billiards and make your choice now!



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