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Gioco di Biliardo Snooker

Rules for Snooker

Regolamento per il gioco Snooker al biliardo spiegato da Restaldi


Come giocare al biliardo snooker spiegato da Restaldi

Rules for Snooker

Scopri e scarica i regolamenti di gioco per biliardo Snooker o all’inglese!

Also known as English pool, it is a specialty of pool well known especially in the United Kingdom Commonwealth. The table used is bigger than the ordinary ones, with six holes in the form of a net, four at each angle and 2 in the middle of the long hedges. We play with 22 balls (15 are red, six have other colors and one is white) and for their correct position, on a very elastic and wooly cloth, it is necessary to trace a semi-circle or Baulk line. In the last few years, Snooker has become to be known also out of the United Kingdome, thanks to the fact that the most important international tournaments offer higher prizes.

Rules for Snooker


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