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Giochi di Biliardo all’Americana

Rules for the American Game

Come giocare al Biliardo all' Americana spiegato da Restaldi

Gioco per biliardo all'Americana

Guida al gioco del biliardo all' Americana spiegato da Restaldi

Gioco per biliardo all'Americana1

Scopri le specialità e scarica le regole di gioco per biliardo all’americana!

All kind of Pool Tables for the American Game have wide pockets with a maximum size of 254x127 cm. These Pool Tables have 6 pockets, one on each corner, and two in the middle of the two longest sides, and the angular sides have an height of 35mm. On the pool table for the American Game you can use 16 balls, one white and 15 colored and with numbers on them. Despite other kinds of Pools, these ones have an heavy cloth and the thickness of the ardesia slate is thinner. The game specialities are two: Pool with declared shots and Pool with bound shots.

Rules for the American Game


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